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Very First Sunjata Trailer after 2 months of Development

First ever trailer we made after 3 months of learning unreal engine on our own, Alot of improvisation was used with regards to animation, lighting and character placing


Work in Progress – Gameplay

Here we were showing level environment and basic character movement with UE4 mannequin before being replaced with our main character.


Official walkthrough with First Main Character Design

Cell Shading test of main character interacting with lighting. Character is walking through demo level.


Second Work In Progress walkthrough

Work In Progress 2.5. We added a few teasers for our magic system and new audio by Saint Evo.


Landscape Walkthrough with new main character design

Here we experimented with a new environment and character design re-vamp. Music by Saint Evo


Work In Progress Combat

Here we tried out a new fighting/combat mechanics system we created to kin of personalize the whole combat experience in game.



State of Sunjata TOLD

After over a year of stealth, we decided to showcase our current state of play; showcasing our new company logo, character designs, animation, environment and a few captures of our official announcement event held at Century Cinemax Acacia Mall in Kampala, Uganda.


Work in Progress – Combat

Here we showcased the full combat system of our main character Ka-Ara (Kaar) Menelik in one of our demo levels.


Combat – The Art of Chigbe

Demonstration of the magic combat system of our main character Ka-Ara (Kaar) Menelik known as “Chigbe”.


Combat – King of the Mantu

Demonstration of the Mantu, An African martial art which will be used by our main character Ka-Ara (Kaar) Menelik.


Combat – Master of the Blade

Demonstration of the weapons combat system of our main character Ka-Ara (Kaar) Menelik. 



Sunjata TOLD – Current State – Gameplay

We finally achieved our objective in terms of what we want the final look of our game to be like. Sunjata Trumpet Of Last Day Demonstration of our game-play. We hope it gives some insight to what we are trying to build. Enjoy!