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Amazing World

Explore a world built from an African mythological background based on Kraal punk. Kraal punk is a sub-genre in which the world’s technologies and way of life is based on gas energy harvested from cattle.

Catchy Combat

Get immersed in a combat system based on African martial art known as “Mantu“ and Senegalese wrestling known as “Njom” not forgetting the masterful sword fighting style from North Africa.

African Magic

Use Chigbe, the African art of magic to cast spells and defeat enemies. You will have to learn African words to create sentences that will enable you to cast the right spell for the right enemy.

About The Game

Sunjata is a single player third person action adventure hack and slash game which takes place in a
fantasy version of Great Ancient Africa. Sunjata is about a warrior named Kaar Menelik and his
adventure to save the people of the land from the wrath of the gods.
Sunjata gives the player the African fantasy experience we have all been waiting for. A wide range of historic and fantasy
weapons are at the players disposal as well as the ability to engage in close quarter combat.

Teaser Video

Sunjata – Trumpet of Last Day

An African Story, Coming Soon…

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